A quality made of Bonds

Bonds between the grapes that sprout in the grape cluster. Bonds between the grape clusters that grow together on vines. Bonds between vines that embrace each other and bring life to the vineyard. Bonds between the bubbles that bind in threads, which, like rows, rise to become sparkling wine. These bonds enable human ties with the land.

Quality crops

Wine is born from the earth and it is essential to ensure the highest quality even before its birth

The best grapes

First quality grape selected and cured so that the wine is of the highest purity


Sublime balance

Only a great team can create a great wine. Our winemaker make sure that every bottle of ours is always the best.


An area, vines and life. The land that accommodates human efforts. That has given a name and an origin to a long-standing bond since 1865. And it has done this thanks to the tradition of a family, which, from generation to generation, has guaranteed the identity of Colesel sparkling wine.



Our men

Colesel is a company of vinedressers from a solid rural tradition. A mix of history, men, earth, work. A place that is open for all those who want to become familiar with, share, and deepen their experience of Cartizze spumante on the Valdobbiadene ground.

Antonio Bortolin

Antonio Bortolin

Commercial manager

Vlady Bortolin

Vlady Bortolin


Siro Bortolin

Siro Bortolin


Our Land

It always happens that at some point you stop. And there, in that place, decanted, but enchanted, you feel it. It’s not an easy thing to explain. There are many things in life that just need a word, an image, a metaphor and here you are, from chaos to cosmos, from chaos to order. The one who first feels the land. Once among the inhabitants of each country there was always at least one. They are not things that are said so to say, like the semi-serious stories that are told in the village which are not completely true. There are those who hear the music even before composing it and then playing it. There are those who feel the land even before cultivating it. 

In these bonds of senses, musicians and winemakers find a common destiny. Feel through the score for one and the terroir for the other what their work tool can - after the fatigue of the hands - produce. A symphony of notes: melodic for the musician, sensorial for the winemaker. 106 hectares of vineyards. Over 300 meters high. An effervescent personality. Diversity of terroir. 

A microzone inside Valdobbiadene where there are particular morphological and climatic coincidences. Cartizze, steep and tiring hills in the heart of Valdobbiadene area. Land with an high wine intensity, where the hand of the man still has its weight. Cartizze, a land that combines the stubbornness of the winemaker with the culture of tradition, the tenacity of work with the innovation of knowledge. Cartizze, a land that gives courage, that invites us not to fear fatigue. A land that teaches us to be patience. To wait. Only from here, the Prosecco can communicate to the whole world with the original language of Italian sparkling wine.

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