• Bottiglia di Prosecco Cartizze Dry cantina Colesel - Valdobbiadene

    Cartizze Docg Dry

  • Bottiglia di Prosecco Cartizze Brut cantina Colesel - Valdobbiadene

    Cartizze Docg Brut

  • Bottiglia di Prosecco Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Fontana Vecia cantina Colesel

    Fontana Vecia Docg Extra Dry

  • Bottiglia di Prosecco Valdobbiadene Brut Prato Scuro cantina Colesel - Valdobbiadene

    Prato Scuro Docg Brut

  • Bottiglia di Prosecco Millesimato Brut Nature Tridik cantina Colesel - Valdobbiadene

    Quota 430 Tridik Docg Extra Brut

  • Bottiglia di Prosecco Millesimato Dry cantina Colesel - Valdobbiadene

    Élevo Millesimato Bio Docg Dry

  • Bottiglia di Prosecco Brut Bio cantina Colesel - Valdobbiadene

    Valdobbiadene Bio Docg Brut

  • Prestige Rosé extra dry

  • Bottiglia di Prosecco Pavana Rosé cantina Colesel - Valdobbiadene

    Pavana Rosé Brut

Valdobbiadene Bio Docg Brut

At the table

Organoleptic properties:
bright straw yellow colour. Fine lingering perlage. Characteristic aroma of fresh fruit. Dry, fruity flavor.

store in a cool ventilated place, with bottles always in a vertical position.

Serving temperature:
serve in an ice bucket at 2-5°C.

Food pairings:
ideal for all occasions, agreeable and elegant. Sublime with oysters and fish crudités.

In the vineyard



Grape variety:
100% Glera.

Type of pruning
doppio capovolto.

Harvesting period:
10 September - 10 October.

Yield per hectare:
135 quintals.

totally by hand.

Structure of the terrain:
medium clay mixture with skeleton.

In the wine cellar

white wine vinification method with soft pressing.

Base wine fermentation:
after cold static clarification, at controlled temperatures.

Sparkling wine production method:
Valdobbiadene method, secondary fermentation in tanks, refined in our territory.

Prise de mousse:
6 months.

from 3 - 4 months in tanks.

Sparkling wine composition:
alcohol/Vol. 11,50% acidity 6,5 g/l., residual sugars 10 g/l., dry extract 16 g/l., ash 1 g/l.